Web Site Maintenance

After your site is up and running we can make modifications to the content, make alterations to the structure, assess the traffic to improve the site's efficiency and many other tasks.

We provide cost effective solutions to web site maintenance and site upgrades. A few reasons we do maintenance work on sites include:

  • updates to news or events
  • add promotional material
  • add images or web graphics
  • web copy re-writes and improvements
  • bring current content up-to-date
  • product changes and additions
  • adding new products or services
  • new articles
  • changes of contact details
  • creation of PDF files and placement for download
  • additional sections added to the site
  • restructuring of navigation

Our experience allows us to make changes quickly and our clients have found that it is more economical than having a staff member update the site

Content Management Systems

We can design a content management system where you can edit your content through your own password protected pages. This is helpful if you need to update sections of your website on a regular basis and ensures fresh content for your visitors.

If you'd like a customised training video for updating your website, we can do that for you too.